Incubating Next Gen Brands in Food & Bev



This is Springboard

The program was created to turn start-ups with disruptive products and brands into thriving companies in the food and beverage industry. Companies invited into the Incubator program are given a unique opportunity with an abundance of tools and resources to help make their goals a reality.

The 2018 Inaugural Class


We’ve worked alongside 5 brands in each class, providing a combination of resources to accelerate growth.


What We Offer

Know and Grow

As an entrepreneur, you’ll learn something new every single day. Our team will be there to guide you through those learnings and provide access to critical education across all business functions.

  • Tailored learning from senior leaders
  • Media 101 training
  • Data access
  • Internal and external business consulting
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Helping Hands

What is a team without a coach? We believe collaboration allows start-up companies to flourish, so we’ve made sure each and every Incubator team will have the mentorship and guidance they need to succeed.

  • Dedicated team mentors
  • Senior leadership connects
  • Access to KHC experts
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Funding Disruptors

No matter how laser-focused you are on growth, you’ll need funding to get there. As a Springboard Incubator team, you’ll receive financial support to build your brand and guidance to raise additional funding.

  • $50,000 funding upon program acceptance
  • Opportunity to earn additional funding, up to another $50,000 during the program
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Space to Succeed

Movers and shakers need the room to move and shake. The Incubator’s infrastructure will allow your start-up company to thrive with a collaborative work environment and invaluable business resources.

  • Dedicated workspace
  • State-of-the-art pilot plants
  • Culinary kitchens
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Join us in shaping the future of food & bev

We’re hungry for start-ups ready to take on the challenge of changing how and what we eat. If your product is fresh, disruptive, and fits into one of our focus pillars, you might just be the perfect candidate for our Springboard Incubator.


I recently applied to the program, what now?

We’ll email you about the status of your application and ask for your patience in the meantime.

I want to apply to the program, what now?

We’re not currently accepting applications, but are always on the lookout for growing, disruptive brands. Contact us to tell us about your company.

Can we still be accepted to the Incubator if we have received some funding?

Absolutely! We do ask that you disclose amounts, but typically seed-funding is just fine.

Do companies have to move to Chicago for the incubator?

We have found that relocation to Chicago is highly beneficial, however, we know it is not always possible. We do require teams to be in Chicago for the training and mentorship sessions, mid-point check-in, and final presentations.

Where can we find you next?

We’re always on the lookout for disruptive brands. Come visit our booth at Expo East in Baltimore on September 11-14, Booth #2125. We hope to see you there!

What is needed to apply to the Springboard Incubator Program?

We require the following:

  • At least a fully commercialized, ready-to-order product
  • Year 1 sales projections of $250,000 or more
  • 2 or more full-time employees
  • First-to-market
  • Falls under one or more of our four focus pillars- Natural & Organic, Health & Performance, Specialty & Craft, and Experiential Brands
How do I talk to you about my products?

If you have a first-to-market product that can help us shape the future of the food and beverage industry in our four focus pillars (Natural & Organic, Specialty & Craft, Health & Performance, and Experiential), we want to hear from you. Contact us here!.

Do I have to be an U.S. company to apply for the Incubator Program?

At this time, we are only accepting U.S. companies, but keep checking in!

Do I have to have sales traction to apply to the Incubator?

You do not, however we require a fully commercialized, ready-to-order product with year 1 sales projections of $250,000 or more.

Can I apply to the Incubator if I do have sales traction?

Absolutely! We would love to hear more about your progress. One thing to note-if you already have significant funding, typically series, your business may be too mature for the Springboard Incubator Program. Feel free to contact us through email with further questions.

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